Ask CKR: Best practices for posting evergreen positions and optimizing for ‘Google for Jobs’

By on April 18, 2018

What is an evergreen job?
An evergreen job (a.k.a. ‘persistent job’) is a position that is always open. It either has high turnover or requires a high volume of employees to fill the role. These jobs are common in customer service, retail, and healthcare and on-demand opportunities.

What is Google for Jobs?Google for Jobs
Google for Jobs was launched in mid-2017 as a feature in search that collects and organizes millions of job postings from all over the web to make them easier for job seekers to find. The feature appears in search results as a ‘blue box’ widget and also expands into a complete job search engine experience.
Does Google for Jobs give priority to newly posted jobs?
No, there is no evidence that Google for Jobs gives priority ranking to postings with newer dates.

How often should you repost on job boards?
While evergreen jobs need to be up all the time, job seekers may be discouraged if the date of the post is old. For this reason, repost often to ensure the post looks current to your prospects.

Refresh your posts every 90-120 days. This ensures your posts will look current and remain compliant with job board standards. Indeed and Glassdoor have strict policies when it comes to posting jobs on their sites. Reposting too often can get you ‘blacklisted.’ If you get blacklisted, you will need to pay for every posting.

How to repost on an ATS
ATS platforms let you refresh your job posting through their admin panel. For example:

JazzHR Recruiting Software
JazzHR tool called ‘Job Refresh’ delivers this functionality. This feature only appears on a job after the job has been posted to free job boards for 90+ days.

Taleo Recruiting Software
Enable the Evergreen Hiring feature in Taleo by making the following two requisition fields available in the Recruiting application:

  • Validity Period Enabled
  • Validity Period

More information can be found in Oracle’s documentation for this product.

Consult your ATS representative about this feature, or consider setting up a repost schedule for your evergreen positions.

Do applicants apply for more recently posted positions over older ones?

When searching ‘when is a job posting too old?’ in Google, the average response to this question yields an answer of around three to four weeks. However, none of the responses consider the factor of a job being an evergreen position. This insight seems to mostly come from hunches or best guesses rather than hard facts.

What are best practices for posting evergreen jobs?

Evergreen Job Description Best Practice
For your evergreen positions, add a note to the beginning or end of your job description that describes the position as evergreen, and explains what this means. This lets the candidate make an informed decision on whether the post date seems old or out of date.

Make a Job Landing Page
A job landing page is different from a job description page. It shows your marketing messaging and visuals to your targeted prospect audience. This page can help your job ad stand out and attract more prospects. Use this page to craft compelling content to attract the right prospects. Successful evergreen position landing pages add credibility and increase SEO ranking. Here are some examples:

Intuit Tax Expert Network

Uber Driver Jobs

live commentingAdd Live Commenting to your job landing page

If you want to get even more traffic to your evergreen job landing page, enable commenting. Search engines recognize new content (i.e. a new comment) in your job description and reward you with additional traffic to your page. The more relevant keywords added to your evergreen job description, the more Google will connect a search query to it

.Plugins like Disqus offer SEO enhanced capabilities to index your comments in the context of your website

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