Eighteen … in a song (Happy Anniversary)

By on April 1, 2019

Let’s start out with a song, I’m Eighteen by Alice Cooper (we’re not worthy). I can’t believe how fast these years have flown by. It was eighteen years ago today I sat in a small dark room in the back of another ad agency, wondering why am I doing this again? And it turns out the reason I did this again is because I love this crazy business. Through the years I’ve worked with some incredible people, both clients and employees. Many I consider friends. I’ve always felt so good about CKR because our goal never centered on how much money we could make, but instead what we could do for the benefit of our clients. My personal goal was always to make this the best place to work. I knew from the beginning, as did my business partner Schmidtty, that the key to our success would not be because of us, but instead would be because of the people we worked with.

Just thinking about what has been incredibly interesting is our foreign interns from Russia, South Africa, Germany, UK, Sweden, Switzerland and China as well as the many local college students. The best intern that ever worked here was my son, Max. Just ask him. I’m also proud of some of our innovations including the first use of personal URL’s for recruitment marketing, very early online employee referral software, visual job descriptions and our Reqmetrics™ tracking software. We also have an agency song that usually comes out after a bit of alcohol, Don’t Stop Believing by Journey.

In the continued theme of music, Bob Dylan’s’ The Times They are a Changin, we have recently been purchased by TMP Worldwide. The agencies share so very much, especially philosophies on business. I know this means that things will not stay the same, but with that comes new opportunities to meet people, learn new and better business practices and continue to grow in our knowledge and what we can bring our clients. So it’s eighteen years, let’s raise a glass and toast because it’s been a great ride.

I’ll leave this blog with my song for the day, I hope you enjoy….

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