Facebook Jobs: Is It Worth Your Time?

By on February 24, 2017

In what some consider an overdue grab in harnessing a piece of the employment market, Facebook launched their very own job posting feature on Feb. 15, 2017.

Facebook users in the United States and Canada can now post, search and apply for job openings — all for free. Business page administrators are able to create turn-key, detailed job postings, as well as communicate with and track applicants.

Once published, these job posts are not only visible on the company’s Facebook page for 30 days, but also appear in the News Feeds of those who have followed or liked the page.

The interested job seeker can search jobs with a variety of filter options; with a click of the “Apply Now” button, Facebook syncs the user’s personal account with its “application” and automatically fills in any relevant details from the individual’s Facebook profile (e.g. education, contact info and work experience).

Here is a quick breakdown of the job posting feature:

  • Multiple slots for both education (academic institution and major) and prior experience (company and job title), with 100 characters available for each entry.
  • A response section on “why you think you’re a good candidate” for the position, with a maximum of 1,000 characters.
  • An advanced search toolbar to customize results according to job type (e.g. full time, internship, contract) and industry (e.g. real estate, local business, company, education, shopping retail, etc.)
  • The option to filter jobs according to area, with a radius of 2-100 miles from your chosen location.
  • Automatically creates a 1:1 communication channel between employer and prospective employee that can be sustained within the chat interface itself, as applications are submitted directly via Facebook Messenger.

The question now is: How will it fit into the grand scheme of corporate social recuiting? While small to medium-sized businesses that struggle to reach an adequate pool of applicants stand to gain the most from this new Facebook job feature, I think larger corporations can reap some benefit as well, particularly in recruiting “lower-skilled” workers for hourly or part-time positions.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know… this story is all too familiar. Why should you pay attention to this new Facebook offering? Is it indeed worth your time? While the social media giant has made similar ventures in the employment sector in the past, this newest installment is superior in more ways than one. Unlike the ill-fated Graph Search, Jobs on Facebook is not just an advanced search engine, and is expressly geared towards advertising and finding employment; it also does not depend on a third-party app, like the unfortunate “recruitment trainwreck” that was BranchOut, as it is fully integrated into Facebook’s current framework.

This is probably their strongest, most independent attempt yet, and with it, Facebook may have seized an opportunity that has been neglected by LinkedIn: small and medium-sized businesses now have an easy-to-use job posting solution. Regardless of its ultimate impact, its usability alone is enough to give it a try.

From a marketing standpoint, this development is particularly interesting because it allows an opportunity for companies to share visual job descriptions, which are more engaging than a job post with text only. In fact, studies show 51% of applicants are more drawn to companies that use images, infographics or videos in their job posts, as opposed to text only.

Though Facebook imposes certain restrictions on images and videos you upload, they are well outlined and exist only to increase your post’s success, especially if it becomes part of a paid promotion. While exceptions can be made, Facebook requires that each image contain no more than 20% text overlay.

The only drawback is of course the privacy factor. Will people want to seek employment through their Facebook profiles? Are they comfortable sharing Facebook info without adjusting their privacy settings? Would love to hear your thoughts on the subject.

*As of 2/22/17 there were 544+ jobs posted. Most of the jobs are from small and medium-sized businesses.


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