Five Tips for Your Social Recruiting Strategy

By on April 10, 2017

For the fifth year in a row, thousands of social media marketers and experts descended on San Diego to attend Social Media Marketing World (SMMW), the largest social media conference in the world. This is the second year that CKR Interactive has participated in the event — and it did not disappoint — from the amazing networking events to the incredibly informative sessions, SMMW is one of the best conferences I have had the pleasure of attending. That all sounds great, but what does this have to do with recruitment marketing? Below I’ll recap some of the awesome takeaways for SMMW17 and the related applications for recruitment.

  1. You’re Interrupting – When you use social channels to market to your audience, you interrupt them from communicating with family and friends. This means that you need to offer this audience something to get their attention, and this can be as simple as great content that interests them. For recruitment: this means you can’t just post your job openings on social channels and hope that people apply. Try driving your social audience back to a long-form post from one of your company’s thought leaders that offers tips for getting ahead in their career.
  2. Video and Paid Ads are Crucial on Facebook – Facebook has changed its algorithm to favor video and paid ads to show up in news feeds, so adjust your strategy accordingly. For recruitment: start incorporating video, in particular Facebook Live, into your strategy. Topics can range from interview tips with recruiters, behind the scenes of a new office building, an interview with hiring managers to share more details about a particular role they are hiring for or testimonials from current employees. Get creative! Live video is relatively new, which means there are still a lot of unexplored ways to use the platform to appeal to your talent pool.
  3. Frequency is Not the Answer – remember all those guidelines for how often and the best days and times to post to social networks so your message would get the most exposure? Throw all of that out the window. Instead, think about what you are posting more carefully and only post when you have something important or interesting to share. Make sure that your content is well-executed so it stands out and gets more engagement. For recruitment: study the engagement your social content has received over the last six months and find out which content performs the best. Let this inform your content strategy and also be flexible enough to adapt when something interesting comes along, like a speaking engagement for a senior leader or a last minute event.
  4. Use Organic Content as a Test – monitor the engagement of your organic content, promote your top performing content and send it out to the world. Take your top 1-2% of content and boost it. Put it out across your social channels, write a blog about it, send out a press release, make a video, send it to publications … just get it out to as many places as you can. For recruitment: let’s say you have a LinkedIn long-form post by one of your senior leaders about internal mobility that performed incredibly well. Now take the long-form post and publish it on the company blog, then promote the post across your company’s social channels. Next, think about how you can turn this content into a video — film this senior leader talking with different departments and discussing how employees are able to move to different departments around the organization. This gives employees good information about where they can advance, and also shows your talent pool that there are options within your company, and that growth and development are important to your organization.
  5. Take the Time to Learn – part of the appeal of social is that it is always changing and growing, and because of this, you have to take the time to learn about the platforms you use and the best practices for these platforms. It requires expertise to do it well and be successful. For recruitment: this part can seem overwhelming, so start small. Think about which social channel gets the most engagement and see if you can track which channel drives applications and then focus your time there. Slow down your efforts on other channels, spend extra time on the channel where content is performing the best and strive to become an expert on that channel. Once you’ve mastered the first one, then add another. Aim to be strong on one platform rather than average on several.

Bonus: One of the biggest roadblocks for organizations when it comes to video is the lack of in-house professional tools. Facebook Live is rolling out the option to film from your computer, which will be a great option for Live videos. Make sure to check your background and lighting. Also, plan out what you are going to discuss and have an idea of the format. Optimal length for Facebook Live is around 20 minutes. Be sure to do promotions prior to your Live event so people know to tune in.

There are some exciting things happening in the world of social, and that means there are some great things happening with recruitment marketing. If you’re interested in discussing more takeaways from SMMW17, feel free to reach out to me at

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