Help Your Employees Recognize and Appreciate Each Other

By on June 27, 2018

It’s likely that you remember the most recent criticism you received more clearly than the last praise you received. Industry leader, Chester Elton discusses the need for more recognition than criticism and why it’s important that recognition comes not only from leadership and management but also from peers.

The benefits of peer recognition

Peer recognition can improve employee satisfaction, retention and improve productivity at organizations. JetBlue data revealed that for every 10% increase in people reporting being recognized, JetBlue saw a 3% increase in retention and a 2% increase in engagement.

Tips to implement recognition programs in your organization

  • Make it easy
    Break down barriers and make it as easy as possible by providing employees with platforms for them to acknowledge and recognize their peers. It can be as simple as creating a Slack channel that can be used solely to give shoutouts to co-workers.
  • Involve employees
    Get your employees’ input about recognition programs from the start, don’t wait until you launch the new program. Hold an open brainstorming session to include their ideas and find the best one for your organization.
  • Keep it FUN
    Incorporate fun into the program. Pass around a trophy or hand out reward bucks to those who receive peer recognition.
  • Evaluate it
    Send out a survey at the start of your employee recognition program to see how people feel about it and use that as a benchmark. Continue to monitor the value that the recognition program brings with ongoing surveys.
  • Evolve it
    Understand that your program should and will evolve over time. Change should be based on feedback from surveys and what employees want to get out of the program, so be open to new ideas.

CKR Examples

  • Mission, Vision and Guiding Principles Program
    Every quarter our employees are encouraged to nominate colleagues who show that they are living by our guiding principles. The nominations include specific values and our marketing team, which runs the program, then votes on the recipient. The recipient is awarded a $100 gift card, but the nominations from colleagues are the true reward!
  • Sharing Fridays
    Every Friday, our team comes together to share things like tools, resources, new techniques, innovative ideas, questions about unique problems, news about industry trends, tips for using existing tools, ideas for process improvements and team accolades. This is another way that employees are encouraged to show appreciation for their colleagues.
  • Fostering a culture of appreciation
    It’s common to see multiple emails each week praising colleagues who pitched in to complete a project or who went above and beyond. This is something that has happened organically but has been influenced by leadership celebrating work anniversaries at all-hands meetings. Having this behavior modeled at the top has led to more peer-to-peer recognition.

Contact us if you’re interested in setting up your own peer recognition program.

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