If You’re Expecting Good Business Advice, Don’t Read This

By on March 30, 2018

Three Personal Thoughts 

I’ve been encouraged to write blog posts that relate to business, and more particularly, my business. But really, life is so much more than what happens at the nine-to-five. It’s about your experiences, people you meet, your family and friends. So instead of your typical blog post, this one’s for me. It’s personal and it only relates to business like it relates to life.

For years, I’ve boiled down the human race to two kinds of people: those that push life and those that are pushed by life. In other words, some people make things happen while others wait for things to happen. Personally, I prefer the former, not the latter. Can you really be happy just waiting for the phone to ring? I know through my years of experience that those who take chances and don’t follow the norm are more likely to feel fulfilled in their careers.

I believe “you can’t cheat death, but you can cheat life.” I absolutely want to make the most of my life in every facet, interaction and experience. A strange analogy is, I don’t know if global climate change is real (but actually I sort of do know that it’s real), but shouldn’t we be saying, “Real or not real, let’s not take any chances and do something about it, just in case?” Life is the same. Just in case, this is the only life we get, shouldn’t we be making the most of it? This would be THE life insurance policy — sign me up.

Let’s bring this unusual blog to a close with my thoughts on “feel-backs.” I know we all have think-backs when we consider a time or place in our past that we can remember vividly. But sometimes, on rare occasion, my thoughts go beyond simple thoughts where I can actually feel a place or time like I am there. This can be brought on by sights or smells, but for me, it’s mostly brought on by music. I’m not suggesting physically going back in time like Christopher Reeves in Somewhere in Time, but more like I’m experiencing what it was like to relive a moment. Does anyone else reading this have this happen or is it just me?

I promise, well maybe promise, the next post will relate to some good solid business advice. Until then, I bid you adieu.

One comment on “If You’re Expecting Good Business Advice, Don’t Read This

  1. Laura Lovequist on said:

    Agree with you about music; it brings back memories of good times and bad, makes you laugh and cry, can motivate and energize you or calm you. Who doesn’t love music!

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