Instagram: A Recruiter’s Most Powerful Tool

By on February 9, 2017

With an engagement rate 50 times higher than either Facebook or Twitter, Instagram has incredible potential as a recruitment tool. 53% of young adults aged 18-29 use Instagram, with 49% of that group logging on at least once per day. And at 400 million monthly active users, recruiters have the ability to tap into a goldmine of young talent. The right social recruitment strategy is key to unlocking Instagram’s power to attract and retain top young talent at any company.

New Workforce, New State of Mind

With millennials making up a significant portion of today’s workforce, the idea of what’s important in a job is beginning to change. Many millennials place high value on workplace environment and benefits, and most will sacrifice higher pay to work at a company with a good employment culture. Recruiters tapping into the millennial talent market should take advantage of this newer state of mind. Instagram is an easy resource with which to do so.

Strategies for Success

Instagram has the power to attract passive candidates as well as active job seekers following your social channels. Check out these strategies for success:

• Know your audience and what they want in an employer.

Who are you looking to recruit? Identify your target audience and think about the type of content that would be most interesting to that audience. When targeting millennials, focus on the company’s work environment and culture. Highlight employee events, fun activities, workplace traditions and good work-life balance.

• Give employees access to the account and have them post photos that show the company from their point of view.

Allowing employees to post on the company’s account makes the organization feel more authentic and relatable. It also gives followers a behind-the-scenes look at what it’s really like to work at an organization, something they don’t get from a job posting. Additionally, tagging employees in group shots and mentioning employees’ names in the post drive more traffic to your channel.

• Take advantage of Instagram Stories.

Instagram Stories consist of 4-second photos or 15-second videos viewable for a period of 24 hours, after which point the photos and videos are deleted. Stories give you the opportunity to tell a narrative of your company with a variety of creative tools. The best strategy for Stories is to produce diverse, interesting and absorbable content that remains cohesive with the organization’s brand. To learn more about Instagram Stories and how to best take advantage of them, follow @TheInstagramExpert on Instagram.

Making the Most of Instagram

See below effective social recruitment posts on Instagram:

• Disney Careers

Disney Careers

This post features an employee as well as highlights a fun aspect of working at Disney. The use of hashtags unique to Disney Careers means that when anyone clicks on that hashtag, they will most likely see posts either from Disney Careers or from Disney employees.

• NBCUniversal Careers

NBC Universal Careers Instagram Post

This post showcases an achievement made by their employees. The personalized copy makes the post genuine and relatable. Additionally, the manager of the account replied to a potential candidate’s question about NBCUniversal’s next round of selections. This interactivity makes candidates feel as though the account is a resource they can keep coming back to if they’re interested in working at NBCUniversal.

Interactivity and responsiveness along with diverse and relatable content are imperative to the success of any recruitment strategy on Instagram. Companies with colorful yet cohesive content that highlights fun and rewarding work environments is sure to help recruiters find and keep top young talent in the millennial pool.

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