LinkedIn’s New Video Features: Playing Catch-Up with Short-Form Visual Storytelling

By on April 3, 2018

LinkedIn has become the latest entrant into the “Stories” arena on social media, a method of short-form visual storytelling more popular than ever, with Instagram Stories boasting 300 million daily active users. LinkedIn’s new video feature allows users to publish short-form video with sticker and text overlays to their profile and news feed. Read on to learn how LinkedIn’s new video feature stacks up against other short-form video content on social.


The Good


  • More options for creative video content.

This isn’t LinkedIn’s first step along the native video path. In 2017, LinkedIn gave users the ability to post video straight from the mobile app without having to upload a video file from their phone’s Camera Roll. Now, LinkedIn is taking it a step further with options for more engaging video features, including sticker and text overlays. Below are some examples of the sticker and text options currently available, with more to come this year.

LinkedIn Video FiltersPhoto Courtesy of LinkedIn


  • Boosted traffic in the news feed.

LinkedIn plans to continue giving video content higher priority in the news feed in an effort to encourage users to generate more videos. Video content is taking social media by storm on all platforms and is predicted to account for more than 80% of all consumer Internet traffic by 2020. Videos, such as the ones produced with LinkedIn’s new native tool, will get more traffic than photos and third-party articles.


The Not-So-Good


  • Currently unavailable for Company Pages.

Today, the new updates for video on LinkedIn are only available for personal accounts. Since there is currently no way to access the Admin side of LinkedIn Company Pages through mobile, there is no way to upload native video to a Company Page through a mobile device. The only workaround would be to take a video on a mobile device, save it to the Camera Roll, email it to an account administrator, then upload the video file to the Company Page with a desktop computer. Simple, right?

This makes LinkedIn’s new video updates a neat feature for individual users, but an impractical one for brands and marketers, particularly if they want to share video on-the-go or at an event. LinkedIn typically rolls out features to individual users before they’re available to Company Pages, so this may become available to brands and businesses in the future, but right now marketers will have to settle for employees emailing them video files if they want to use these new features.


  • These videos cannot be shared in a “Story” format.    

Additionally, these new videos are not displayed as a “Story,” but rather as a video posted in a regular status update. Instagram and Facebook, for example, host their users’ Stories at the top of the news feed, and they remain there as long as they’re active, keeping content top-of-mind. LinkedIn, however, shares the video as a status update, which may get lost in the shuffle of LinkedIn’s curious news feed algorithm.

With short-form video storytelling like Stories predicted to overtake posts as the main way people share content across all platforms, it’s clear LinkedIn made the jump they needed to in order to keep their content relevant and on-trend. However, they have a long way to go to catch up to the storytelling powerhouse of Instagram Stories.


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