The Future of Recruitment Marketing

By on February 7, 2017

I’m asked, almost on an annual basis, to predict the future of recruitment marketing. This is a bit of a daunting task if looking far into the future, but not so daunting when looking into the foreseeable future. The way we market to potential candidates is more like a river, generally flowing in one direction, but constantly changing. Almost daily, new applications are brought to market, new methods of recruiting are introduced and new measurement tools are coming to the forefront. Here are some current trends that I believe will move recruitment marketing forward.

The big dog in the house is social media, and it is not going away anytime soon. The opinions and preferences that you see from your friends and acquaintances will carry more value and weight than an anonymous recruiter. Currently LinkedIn, Facebook and Glassdoor are dominating the recruitment space. So the question is, who’s next? Sites become saturated, demographics change. This bears the need to keep a close watch.

Anyone who doesn’t tell you metrics are king is doing you a disservice. This becomes increasingly prevalent every year, but we’ve just hit the tip of the iceberg. With limited budgets, why not put your recruitment dollars where they will give you the greatest return? You can’t just look at which job site, search engine or job aggregator got you the most hires. What you should be looking at is a suite of analytics, which can basically boil down to the least expenditure per hire. Then, with good analysis, you can also look at the quality of the hire. In this regard, you will be getting the best candidates at the lowest cost. It’s an absolute must to implement a compressive metrics program.

Knowledge without action does you little good, which is why programmatic ad buying is an important tool to complement the metrics you receive. Programmatic ad buying takes into consideration your recruitment metrics, then buys ads based on how various media are performing in addition to certain parameters and goals set by the user. For instance, let’s say you want to hire nurses using programmatic ad buying. You would go into your programmatic ad buying platform and tell it your goal of hiring nurses. It would then look at performance metrics for nurses, see which media gives the best value for the dollar and then purchases ads accordingly. The real advantage is being able to automate the use of your metrics and react to conditions in real time. Without programmatic ad buying, it’s much more difficult to effectively use metrics data.

I’ll leave you with a couple closing thoughts. Your career site was, is and will be the gateway to recruiting for your company. Be sure it is always interesting, up-to-date and easily navigable. Lastly, the importance of the employer brand can’t be over-emphasized. No matter where you are or what benefits or salary you offer, you will always need to differentiate yourself from your competition. You already have an employer brand, although you might not know exactly what it is or how to articulate it. This is a message that will attract the types of candidates that will fit within the culture and values of your organization.

One thing is certain – change is constant. So I’ll be back next year with some new ideas to continue working towards improving the recruiting process. Until then, feel free to email me anytime with your thoughts on this subject.

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