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Allacyn Griffin-May, Marketing Associate: 408.517.1400


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If you’d like to send in a request for a quote (RFQ) for a recruitment advertising project, product or service, please send your request and contact information to Curtis Rogers. We will review your request upon receipt and then contact you with a detailed quote, as well as recommendations that address your needs and challenges.

If you’re sending out a request for proposals (RFPs) to multiple recruitment advertising agencies and would like CKR Interactive to participate, please send your request, instructions, deadline and contact information to Curtis Rogers. We’ll reach out to you if we have any questions or need additional information.

RFPs allow us to tell you what we’re really about, who we are, and why we’d make such great partners for your recruitment advertising, marketing or interactive solutions. We’ve made the whole process easier by providing you with some useful information.

We review and respond to all RFPs in a timely manner and will work out the next steps with you based on your needs and the requirements of your request.

If you call us and you reach our voicemail system, please provide your name, company name, phone number and email address in your recorded message. If reaching us by email, please provide the same. Although obviously you’ll have more space, so write as much as you’d like. We’ll read it all. We value your privacy and will not share your contact information with anyone.

The more information you can provide us in your request, the faster we can respond to it. If you’re not sure which services and solutions would be a good fit for your company, don’t worry! We’ll figure it out together.
Please let us know if you have any questions or areas you’d like us to focus on in our proposal.

Our Capabilities:
Solutions w/ Substance
We don't help sell products. We help sell careers.

At the heart of CKR Interactive’s success is a tradition of delivering outstanding, result-producing recruitment advertising solutions for countless happy clients. We’d be glad to deliver the same results to you, but there’s a catch: You have to want them.

If your company needs to communicate the value of your careers to potential – and even current – employees, CKR can expertly help you craft that message. We get our best results by going beyond the methods you’ve grown accustomed to. We communicate with people and capture their attention and imagination. We inspire them to see themselves and your company as a perfect match.


Our recruitment advertising capabilities include:

  • Interactive and online recruitment advertising
  • College recruiting
  • Mobile, video, radio and television
  • Print advertising
  • Printed marketing collateral/ out-of-home solutions
  • Displays and exhibits
  • Media buying and contract negotiation
  • Personalized account services
  • Diversity recruiting

With CKR Interactive as your recruitment advertising partner, you will recruit and retain top talent. That’s the bottom line. We provide you with solutions that are fresh, innovative, unique and supported by the latest research and technology. Whether through traditional recruitment advertising and marketing solutions, or through advanced interactive services, our capabilities are second-to-none.

Here you'll find:

Help with communicating the value of your company 

A compelling way to recruit top talent

Solutions to strengthen your value proposition to current employees

A way to stand above your competition

Don’t ignore your most important asset:
Your employees.

An employer brand is something many companies don’t pay much attention to, but should. It’s what employees and potential employees see, feel or think when they consider working for you. In fact, employer brands are so important that Staffing.org’s Job Seekers and Employees Annual Reports have reported that 40% of candidates care most about an employer’s brand, culture and values when looking for a job. If that sounds to you like your employee prospects are judging a book by it's cover, then you're right.


Don't worry. Whether your employer brand is your Achilles’ heel or a diamond-in-the-rough, CKR Interactive can make it your greatest strength. We’re experts in employer branding. Working with our in-house branding experts, and through Peer Group US, a division of CKR Interactive devoted to EVP development and employer brand consulting, we possess the resources to help your brand stand out from any others.

Our branding experts can create compelling brand awareness across all industries, including, Healthcare, Government, Biotech/Pharma, High-Tech, Hospitality/Food Service, Retail, Insurance, Finance and Oil/Gas. We take the time to truly understand your company, and its goals and challenges. We apply in-depth research and analysis to unmask your true employer brand. Working diligently, we ensure that it truly exemplifies who your company is and what it stands for, maintaining consistency throughout all recruitment marketing creative.

Here you'll find:

Help with building a stronger employer brand

Experts with experience in crafting compelling brand awareness

Consistent, quality research and analysis

The industries we serve
(Hint: It’s all of them.)

To find today's talent, you need tomorrow's solutions.

Some companies still have one foot in 1999 when it comes to recruiting employees online. It doesn’t work to build a basic career website and not follow through by creating an engaging interactive presence. You need to persuade potential employees to apply for your jobs, and one of the best ways to do it is by elevating your web presence above that of your competition.

We’d be happy to show you how a weak interactive strategy can kill your recruiting. Then when you’re convinced, you can partner with our award-winning creative team to develop interactive solutions that will attract smart, sophisticated recruits. Once you’re in position to take on the rest of the century, your CKR account team can help augment your efforts through a number of solutions, including effective online campaign strategies, search engine marketing (SEM), direct mail, email, print, radio, mobile and more! Check out our portfolio of recruitment website design projects. You’ll be impressed.

Here you'll find:

Cutting-edge Web design services for corporate career websites, microsites, landing pages, and more

HR intranet design

Expert SEO solutions

Content management systems (CMS)

Social media integration

Research and planning that delivers better results.

We’ll let you in on a secret: The reason CKR Interactive has been so successful is because we make great recruitment advertising, marketing and interactive solutions look like a natural, honest and seamless extension of your company.

But what it will never be is a shot-in-the-dark, and don’t let anyone convince you it is. You can’t put up a help-wanted sign and expect great candidates to flock to you any more than you can offer sub-par products or services and expect people to buy them. That’s why research and planning is just as important to recruitment campaigns as it is to business-to-consumer campaigns. Whether used to gain insight into your competitors’ activities or to clearly define target audience behaviors, research is the first step in fully understanding the recruitment challenges that your organization faces.

CKR Interactive stands out from other agencies in the depth and quality of our research approach, and we have a variety of research solutions available to help you optimize your recruitment marketing efforts.


Our market research and planning capabilities include:

  1. PinPoint™
    Our Total Marketing Plan process ensures that clients can leverage in-depth research, analysis, implications and recommendations to improve outcomes and ROI.
  2. Market Research & Intelligence
    CKR Interactive utilizes a number of media subscriptions and information databases to leverage a broad range of meaningful research and insights regarding all aspects of recruiting. Our secondary research capabilities include expert analysis and are customized to each client’s hiring challenges.
  3. Custom/ Primary Research
    We have considerable experience in original research. Our end-to-end services cover project management and planning through to survey design, execution and analysis. We partner with Peer Group US, a division of CKR Interactive, on all custom research projects. We can handle anything from in-depth telephone interviews and one-on-one interviews to focus groups, employer brand tracking and more.

Here you'll find:

Help with improving your recruitment marketing outcomes and ROI

Outstanding, original primary research

Meaningful secondary research solutions and insights

Turn your employees into an army of recruiters.

Your employees are one of your most valuable resources when it comes to finding and recruiting prospective candidates. Not only do they each have their own network of talented acquaintances, they’re also promoters of your employer brand. That’s why Employee Referral Programs (ERPs) are so valuable. CKR Interactive can help you create a great one, with a clear message, that can inspire your legion of employees to search for future hires.

ERPs, if they’re created well (and managed appropriately), will generate a positive ROI and decrease your cost-per-hire. In fact, they’re often the most cost-effective strategy to find high-quality candidates. CKR Interactive’s ERPs have generated so many qualified referrals and new hires for some of our clients, that they did not have to pay for any other external advertising or marketing for almost a year!

Here you'll find:

Information about our ERP services, such as internal direct mail, email and print campaigns

Targeted mobile marketing campaigns for ERPs

Physical and virtual open houses/ career fairs

Proprietary, easy-to-use ERP software: Referral Max™

You want analysis? Analyze this.

A solid recruitment marketing plan requires follow-up analysis. If you want to justify to your bosses why you’re spending their money, you need numbers to back you up. But these days, simply knowing the number of clicks, impressions or visitors you’re getting isn’t enough to measure the performance of your campaigns. CKR’s experienced research and account services teams can help you get a clearer picture and provide in-depth solutions to track and analyze the success of all your recruitment advertising programs managed with us.

Whether your program includes websites, mobile recruitment marketing and employee referral programs, career fairs, open houses, videos, podcasts or traditional recruitment print ads, we have the capability to track the success of every recruitment solution. Plus, all of our interactive recruiting advertising solutions come complete with regular reporting and analysis that make efficient use of innovative technology:

  1. Recruitment Media Metrics™
    Our proprietary application that tracks your cost per applicant, hire and ROI received from your print, banner ad and job board advertisements
  2. Enalysis™
    A thorough competitive analysis that provides insight into your competitors’ recruitment advertising efforts

These solutions, combined with CKRs peerless experience, will tell you how to best allocate your efforts and media spend and improve your ROI. Now what boss is going to argue against that?

Here you'll find:

Expert solutions for effective recruitment marketing plans

Better ways to measure the performance of your recruitment campaigns

Products designed to give you both a complete picture of your recruitment challenges, and the best ways to find success

Great creative campaigns need an audience.
We’ll help you find it.

Exceptional candidates don’t always come to you on their own. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Fortune 500 company or an unknown start-up; finding quality candidates takes effort, and if you want to reach them, then you need to know where to find them.   

CKR Interactive knows. We can create successful recruitment media and marketing plans that will not only help you attract candidates and strengthen your employer brand, but will meet or come under your budget requirements. Our dedicated account teams will research your available media options, tell you which ones have the best chance of attracting your audience, and get you the best rates for them.

And because it's hard to know if you are heading in the right direction without a roadmap, we’ve developed PinPoint™, our complete recruitment marketing plan designed to provide in-depth research, analysis, implications and recommendations on improving your recruitment marketing efforts. PinPoint adapts to your specific industry and recruitment needs, helping you stay on track with your recruiting programs throughout the year and eliminating surprises by outlining long-term strategic plans and tactics. What you get in return is a research-based plan that will help you attract the top talent that you need to improve your ROI.

Check out our case studies to see some of the successful recruitment media and marketing plans and components we’ve launched for our clients.

Here you'll find:

A dedicated team to help you research your media options

Advice on better media strategies

How you can truly attract your target candidates

The answer to budget headaches

Come one, come all – to your company.

Recruiting a diverse workforce isn’t easy. If you truly believe that potential employees can’t see right through your ethnically diverse stock photo ads, then it’s time to join the real world. True diversity begins with an honest belief that your organization is strengthened by your efforts to recruit people from different backgrounds and cultures that possess unique skills and ideas. Your company culture will improve once you have this, and your current and future employees’ perceptions of you will improve with it.  

These changed perceptions can be a tremendous asset, and it’s why diversity recruitment efforts are an essential business strategy in today’s increasingly global marketplace. CKR Interactive can help you craft effective diversity strategies that will help you attract and retain top talent and strengthen your organization’s partner and customer relations.

Our diversity recruiting capabilities include:

  • Targeted search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns
  • Direct mail and email campaigns
  • Online banner ads and buttons
  • Print campaigns
  • Diversity event recruiting
  • Diversity-specific media research
  • Targeted radio campaigns
  • Mobile marketing campaigns
  • Research solutions that deliver insight into diversity trends, behaviors and challenges

Whether or not you have an existing diversity program, you can improve it by leveraging CKR’s resources, innovation and experience to create targeted, relevant diversity communications that are unique to your goals and needs.

Here you'll find:

An honest, truly progressive approach to attracting a more diverse workforce

Unique, effective solutions to drive awareness of your diversity efforts

Take control of your online presence,
and lead your own conversation.

There’s a discussion going on across the social media landscape. People are talking about your employer brand, and if you aren’t taking part in that conversation then your online reputation could be suffering. Now is the time to get involved, to develop a clear understanding of your online presence and craft a successful social media strategy that reflects your recruitment goals.

With CKR Interactive’s social media analysis you’ll uncover what is being said online about your company – the good, the bad and everything in-between. We’ll gather and analyze information from every relevant social media site to reveal answers to a range of questions and considerations, such as:

  • Are previous employees or customers knocking your company on popular social review websites?
  • How many videos relevant to your organization are live on the web?
  • Are there Facebook, Google+ or other groups built just to bash your brand?

As part of the audit, CKR Interactive will summarize the current status of your presence, provide best practices and tips, and make specific recommendations on leveraging your social media presence to develop a winning social media strategy. These could include:

  • Branded social media hubs
  • Blogging and microblogging
  • Podcasting
  • Video
  • Social network sites and bookmarks management

The days are gone when social media was a casual platform to connect with others. It’s a powerful tool with the virtually free resources – namely users – to make or break your employer brand. Let CKR strengthen your connection to them and ensure your voice is heard.

Here you'll find:

The resources to investigate, and report on, your true social media reputation

Social media solutions that will strengthen your employer brand

A louder voice to reach users throughout the social media stratosphere

Recruitment in motion, with moving results.

If you're looking to stand out from your competitors and take advantage of the incredible impact of viral marketing campaigns, then CKR’s video recruitment solutions can have the impact you’ve been looking to create.

Incorporating video into your recruitment efforts will help increase career and corporate site traffic, as well as time spent on the site(s), optimizing your employer brand and increasing your flow of top talent applicants. The uses for video in recruitment are endless. Your CKR Interactive account team is available to help you create:

  • Video inclusion in job postings (where applicable) and video profiles
  • Giveaway CDs for campus events and open houses, as well as availability at virtual and physical job fairs
  • Video placement on career and/or corporate site, microsites and landing pages
  • Email, direct mail and social media campaigns to share and promote videos
  • Create a video mini-series or channel

Sometimes it’s not the desire that counts; It’s the talent. To ensure you get the highest quality video product, our creative team will craft unique, high-quality videos using their extensive experience with the following capabilities:

  • Multimedia: video and/or flash - design, videotaping and video editing, and photography
  • Concept: messaging, scripts, art direction, and project management
  • Search engine optimization and video hosting
  • Custom branded player with Google Analytics reporting
  • Best practices for video length, messaging and accessibility
  • SEO, to ensure inclusion on video search engines

Recruitment industry expert, Joel Cheesman, has found in his interviews of recruitment executives that companies who have incorporated video into their job postings have, in some instances, received up to five times more applicants when compared to traditional text-only postings. By employing CKR Interactive’s video production services, your own applicants will see your company in a more compelling light.

Here you'll find:

A compelling way to tell the story of your company to your potential applicants

A stable of talent with the skills and experience to craft high-quality recruitment video

Options to fit any budget

We'll carry the weight for you.

If you look hard, throughout CKR Interactive’s experience, behind the award-winning creative, the countless research projects, diversity campaigns, ERPs or web capabilities, you’ll find our account team. They’re the ones in your corner, your brothers (and sisters) in arms. CKR’s account team will help you understand every recruitment marketing solution available to you. They’ll find you the best media placements, stay on top of recent trends, and shoulder your burden. All you have to do is partner with us.

When choosing your recruitment consultants, the important factors to consider are resources, intelligence, integrity, experience and commitment. CKR’s account team has these and more, bringing together the enthusiasm, entrepreneurial creativity, and energy of a young organization with a long history of innovation, and the experience and resources to match even the largest agency.

Every CKR Interactive employee understands the importance of knowing our customers and delivering outstanding results every time. Check out our case studies to see how we’ve made a difference in the lives of our clients.

Here you'll find:

A passionate, personalized account team that puts you first every time

Intelligent people who can deliver strategies that get results

Creative recruitment solutions designed around your needs

Energetic professionals who value your time, and your business

Perfect the art of keeping your promises to employees.

Let’s say you’ve got a good hold on your employer brand and now you’re targeting – and hiring – the right candidates for your organization.

That’s it, right? Wrong.


Many employers invest considerable resources in attracting new talent, only to let them “fend for themselves” once they’re hired. The ramifications of this can include a lack of engagement, which may lead to increased turnover and lower productivity. Remember, hiring a candidate is really only the beginning in a long line of opportunities to reinforce your employer brand by delivering on the promises you made to new hires. CKR Interactive has the solutions you need to seize these opportunities and create an unforgettable employee experience, one that’s seamless from recruitment to retirement.


Our Internal communications capabilities include:



  • Think beyond orientation. CKR will re-examine every step it takes to effectively integrate a new person into your organization. We’ll assess your current programs, make recommendations for improvements across a number of areas – orientation process and communications, toolkits for HR and hiring managers, and your intranet – and even help you build an efficient onboarding mechanism.

Employee Surveys

  • CKR can help you leverage employee surveys to understand what your workforce is really thinking. We offer a full range of services in this area through Peer Group US, our dedicated research division. From survey design and execution to results analysis, we’ll help you glean the insights you need and use them to create an action plan that yields results. 

Rewards & Recognition

  • We take a hard look at your rewards programs to help you answer difficult questions: Does your rewards strategy align with your organization’s culture and business strategy? Is it effective in engaging and retaining current employees? How meaningful are your programs to employees? Our assessment includes recommendations for improvements, benchmarks against other organizations, and a plan for implementation.

Make sure you’re communicating the right message from start to finish. It takes a good employer to offer attractive hiring packages, but it takes a great one to follow through and make sure all of your employees feel like they matter.

Here you'll find:

How to convey your brand at all phases of the employee experience

Survey services that can turn findings into results

Key things to ask yourself about your rewards & recognition program

Some of your best candidates just got out of school.

If you don’t have a great college recruiting program, your talent pool probably looks more like a swimming hole. Embrace this fact: Every season, new and future college graduates wander the earth in search of decent careers with companies who actually value their unique talents. Short on experience, they’re long on ideas and desperate to make an impact in an industry they believe in.

That’s where you can make a difference, in your company and their lives. Hire them! With CKR as your guide, we can help you launch and promote a college recruiting campaign that will attract the top talent you need – whether you’re looking for recent graduates to join your company full-time or college students to fulfill your internship needs.

Our college recruiting capabilities include:

  • Employer branding solutions specific to college recruiting
  • Targeted search engine marketing campaigns
  • Direct mail and email campaigns
  • Online banner ads and buttons
  • Social networking advertising
  • Interactive development (e.g. recruitment blogs, videos and podcasts)
  • Displays and exhibits for on-campus recruiting
  • Print campaigns
  • Radio campaigns
  • Mobile marketing campaigns
  • Open house and career fair recruitment events (both virtual and on-site)
  • Employee referral programs
  • Recruitment marketing tracking software

All of our innovative college recruiting programs and solutions will help you recruit exceptional students while increasing your return on investment, strengthening your employer brand, and making more than a few parents extremely happy.

Here you'll find:

The truth about college recruiting

More enriching, and effective ways to attract a college audience

Innovative programs and solutions to ensure a better return on investment

Leverage Our Expertise to Connect with Today’s Top Military Talent.

Thousands of active military personnel with job experience are now returning home and seeking civilian employment opportunities, while millions of other talented job seekers have veteran status. We can help you attract them to your organization by providing the guidance, expertise and solutions you require to meet their needs and those of your company.


From pending OFCCP rules for federal contractors that may greatly impact your recruiting initiatives, to new tax incentives for hiring vets, finding the right recruiting consultant is imperative. CKR Interactive can put our knowledge to work for you, whether or not you're a federal contractor, and can help you understand this vital workforce segment and build winning strategies to attract talented veterans to your organization.


Our military recruitment capabilities include:

  • In-depth knowledge of the recruitment landscape for veterans, including briefings on specific topics, pending OFCCP rules, and factors impacting unemployment among veterans
  • Workforce snapshots and analyses of the veteran population versus the non-veteran population (including educational attainment, age, gender, employment perspectives, etc.)
  • Military recruitment strategy, including targeted media planning and placement
  • Innovative approaches to connecting with veterans and their families through customized career sites and microsites, as well as social media campaigns
  • Use of veteran resource groups for retention and recruitment
  • Primary research to uncover perspectives veterans have about your organization as an employer

With CKR's in-depth experience and knowledge, you’ll be on your way to matching great veterans with the right jobs, helping our returning vets get back to work faster.

Here you'll find:

Answers to your veteran hiring challenges

Recruiting experts who can guide you through the complex landscape

Insightful strategies to target the right recruits

A true understanding of your global recruitment marketing needs.

Navigating candidate cultures and media behaviors can be overwhelming for employers looking to recruit globally. To solve this challenge, CKR Interactive co-founded OneAgent, a joint venture of leading independent employment communications agencies in the United States, Europe, Russia and Asia-Pac. OneAgent is a unique global employer marketing organization with the resources and expertise to effectively manage global employer brands and help you attract top talent internationally.


CKR provides a wide variety of global services through OneAgent, including:

  • Career site design and development
  • EVP/employer brand initiatives
  • Media strategy, planning and placement
  • Research and analysis
  • Employee referral programs
  • Social media marketing
  • Search engine marketing and optimization
  • ATS integration/consultancy
  • Internal/HR communications 

How will OneAgent help you?


OneAgent is a highly flexible organization, with a refreshing lack of bureaucracy among agency partners. CKR and the OneAgent network will work together on your behalf to create a customized service model that makes it easy to benefit from our capabilities and expertise.


CKR works with OneAgent on behalf of clients, facilitating projects and programs, as well as gathering the strategic input and guidance that ensures proper localization of all efforts. Depending on your needs, we can either be your sole point of contact or assign local OneAgent Account Managers to your account. That way, your international employees can always be in touch with someone in their time zone who has local knowledge of their market and hiring challenges.


The end result? CKR and our OneAgent network will provide you the results you need without boundaries.

Here you'll find:
  • Global recruitment marketing and advertising expertise
  • A better way to reach candidates throughout the world
  • Easy collaboration with CKR and our international agency partners
Recruitment advertising without limits.
CKR Interactive is your partner with results. We deliver superior recruitment advertising solutions and unparalleled customer service to position your company as the one to work for and get attention of your prospective candidates. Using expert recruitment services, products and solutions, research and analysis capabilities, media bargaining, project management and award-winning creative talent, we develop recruitment solutions that are consistent with your employer brand and shine above those of your competitors. You get the results you need, and we get to say we made it happen.