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For sales inquiries, please contact:

Laurie Severino, Director of Business Development: 708.354.0543


For press inquiries, please contact:

Allacyn Griffin-May, Marketing Associate: 408.517.1400


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Laurie Severino

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If you’d like to send in a request for a quote (RFQ) for a recruitment advertising project, product or service, please send your request and contact information to Curtis Rogers. We will review your request upon receipt and then contact you with a detailed quote, as well as recommendations that address your needs and challenges.

If you’re sending out a request for proposals (RFPs) to multiple recruitment advertising agencies and would like CKR Interactive to participate, please send your request, instructions, deadline and contact information to Curtis Rogers. We’ll reach out to you if we have any questions or need additional information.

RFPs allow us to tell you what we’re really about, who we are, and why we’d make such great partners for your recruitment advertising, marketing or interactive solutions. We’ve made the whole process easier by providing you with some useful information.

We review and respond to all RFPs in a timely manner and will work out the next steps with you based on your needs and the requirements of your request.

If you call us and you reach our voicemail system, please provide your name, company name, phone number and email address in your recorded message. If reaching us by email, please provide the same. Although obviously you’ll have more space, so write as much as you’d like. We’ll read it all. We value your privacy and will not share your contact information with anyone.

The more information you can provide us in your request, the faster we can respond to it. If you’re not sure which services and solutions would be a good fit for your company, don’t worry! We’ll figure it out together.
Please let us know if you have any questions or areas you’d like us to focus on in our proposal.

Our Products:
Products w/ Purpose

Let’s get right to the point: You will get better results from your employer referral programs (ERPs) with Referral Max™, CKR Interactive’s easy-to-use online employee referral program solution. This state-of-the-art system makes it easy to implement, promote and manage your entire ERP program, and for employees to access it anywhere, anytime. It’s available only from CKR, and contains a front-end interface for employees to refer top talent, as well as a back-end system for recruiters to manage the complete referral process. How’s that for easy ERPs, from a company who has mastered ERPs?

Referral Max™ features and benefits:

  • Web-based, no software to install
  • Can integrate with your ATS
  • Scalable for single-location employer or organization with multiple locations/divisions
  • Secure, password-protected

Front-End – Employees

  • All referrals are time-stamped to eliminate conflicts
  • Make referral for a specific job or refer top candidate for general employment
  • Flexibility for cash reward or point award system

Back-End – Recruiters

  • Up to the minute, real-time statistics and metrics
  • Automatic follow-up emails sent to employees on status of their referrals
  • Annual calendar of all promotional activities

Let CKR show you the power of Referral Max™. Contact us today to learn more about this and other CKR Interactive recruitment advertising and marketing products, and start experiencing the results you’ve been seeking.

Make your recruitment marketing efforts stand out by using OnTarget™, CKR Interactive’s personalized recruitment tool. We developed this product to effectively harness the power of personal url, or “PURL,” marketing, and combine the Internet, direct-mail and database management into a very powerful recruitment product. How powerful? OnTarget’s™ open/response rate is in the 30-50% range – far more than the 3-5% of direct mail.

With OnTarget™, your candidate audience is sent a direct mail piece containing a url personalized to each candidate. This web address directs the individual to a personalized web-site which gives a brief explanation of your company and why your candidate should consider a career with you. They then have the opportunity to fill out a short form to request more information. In a few easy steps, you’ve made a lasting, and measurable, connection.

Another remarkable thing about OnTarget™ is its extensive reporting function, which can tell you how many pages and number of times your candidate viewed their personalized site and whether they requested more information. It will also alert your recruiter when a candidate is online and viewing their site. The response alerts can be directed to recruiters in any region, department or other category.

OnTarget™ features and benefits:

  • Personalized online and offline messaging
  • Interactivity and visual appeal of the Web
  • Messaging power and targeted marketing of direct mail
  • Immediate communication of response to recruiters via email
  • Powerful database for real-time reports and tracking
  • A very high rate of response

Let CKR show you the power of OnTarget™. Contact us today to learn more about this and other CKR Interactive recruitment advertising and marketing products, and start experiencing the results you’ve been seeking.

Millions of job seekers turn to search engines each month to find career-related information and openings. Make sure you’re right in front of them whenever they conduct a relevant search by using CKR Interactive’s search engine services.

The breadth and depth of CKR Interactive’s customizable search engine marketing (SEM) solutions is essential to employers seeking to attract today’s top talent. Our SEM expertise, and the variety of SEM solutions for both search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click campaigns, cover everything from planning and program development to implementation and reporting/analysis for ongoing maintenance. We also partner with leading SEO providers, such as Jobs2Web or OptiJob, to offer additional services in this area.

Additional features and benefits:

  • Monthly PPC reporting will include an overall summary of your campaign's performance, a review of how your ads and keywords are performing, research and recommendations for improvements (including possible keyword and ad edits, geo-targeting, time scheduling and more).
  • Monthly SEO reporting will include website traffic statistics, keyword and content performance, and trend analysis.

Let CKR show you the power of our search engine services.
Contact us today to learn more about this and other CKR Interactive recruitment advertising and marketing products, and start experiencing the results you’ve been seeking.

It's sometimes hard to know if you are heading in the right direction. What you need is a roadmap. PinPoint™, CKR Interactive's total recruitment marketing planning process, will guide the way and help you get where you need to be.

The PinPoint™ process begins when we identify and assess your recruitment challenges and goals. We analyze all of the external factors that could influence your recruitment efforts and then develop a targeted and measurable recruitment advertising roadmap that details how to reach your short – and long-term – objectives. Recruitment marketing programs often lack this type of insight and planning, and are instead reactionary in nature – an approach that can waste valuable funds and resources.

CKR will work with you to update your annual plan throughout the year to allow for changing needs and fluctuating market conditions. In addition, while PinPoint™ is ideal for your annual recruitment marketing plan, the process also works well for your short-term, more immediate hiring needs.


PinPoint™ features and benefits:

  • No cookie cutter solutions
    CKR will create a recruitment marketing program that is unique to your company and designed to meet your goals.

  • Designed to work in the real world
    The recruitment marketing plans and recommendations PinPoint™ makes are research based. Its analysis includes target audience research, migration patterns, commuting trends, media use, sourcing trends and more.

  • Stay on track and eliminate surprises
    Eliminate budget surprises. Annual budgeting tools, monthly budget updates and quarterly reviews are included.

  • Share your strategies with management
    You get a concise and strategic overview of your recruitment marketing program. It’s an ideal internal tool you can use to communicate with senior managers and demonstrate your department's value-added approach.

Let CKR show you the power of PinPoint™. Contact us today to learn more about this and other CKR Interactive recruitment advertising and marketing products, and start experiencing the results you’ve been seeking.

Hear that? It’s OpporTUNEty™, and it brings the marketing power of downloadable music to your recruitment efforts.

CKR Interactive has developed this extraordinary promotional tool to enhance your recruitment efforts when you need an extra hand at in-person events, and an engaging medium with which to attract the attention of potential employees. OpporTUNEty™ comes complete with a personalized, online music store, website and downloadable song gift cards to give away at career fairs, open houses, meetings and on campus. It’s a great way to carry your employer messaging beyond first-time meetings.  

OpporTUNEty™ features & benefits:

  • Compatible with iTunes™, iPod™ and all digital music players for widespread use
  • Over 2,000,000 songs offer music lovers an extensive choice
  • Centralized location of prospective candidate information from all recruiting events
  • Secure, password protected database of prospective candidates for follow-up and future recruitment marketing campaigns
  • Enhanced branding of your company's name, logo, and creative theme on music cards, website and storefront
  • Consistent employer branding throughout the solution's components
  • Real-time downloadable songs, ensuring instant gratification

Let CKR show you the power of OpporTUNEty™. Contact us today to learn more about this and other CKR Interactive recruitment advertising and marketing products, and start experiencing the results you’ve been seeking.

With each passing day, more candidates are using their mobile devices as their primary means of staying connected to emerging job opportunities. In response, CKR has developed ExCELLerate™, our complete mobile recruitment marketing solution.

Today the average response rate to a mobile call-to-action has already overcome that of traditional media. Open rates are currently three times that of email, and the average time to open a mobile marketing message is 30 minutes, versus email’s 24-hour average. It’s clear that capitalizing on the increasing reliance of mobile devices will make it much easier for you to attract both active and passive candidates.

ExCELLerate™ features and benefits:

  • Customized for your unique needs:
    • Mobile job search websites
    • PULL campaigns – collect contact information for future campaigns
    • PUSH campaigns – send your message out to targeted, prospective candidates
    • Database/list building campaigns – build a database of prospective candidates for future email campaigns, etc.
    • QR Codes – prospective candidates can take a photo of a QR code on one of your campaign posters, business cards, mailers, etc. and be directed to your website
    • Bluecasting – send your message out to all Bluetooth™ enabled phones within a certain radius (great for career fairs and college recruiting)
  • Provides a new innovative channel to extend and enhance your employer brand, and expose your company and job opportunities to a wider audience
  • Quick campaign set-up times and immediate message delivery
  • Our experienced mobile recruitment marketing team and proven marketing methodologies yield fast, successful mobile campaigns that generate high response rates.

Let CKR show you the power of ExCELLerate™. Contact us today to learn more about this and other CKR Interactive recruitment advertising and marketing products, and start experiencing the results you’ve been seeking.

The war for great talent can’t be won passively. You need to take action, to find out what your competition is doing and develop strategies for reaching their candidates first. Enalysis™ delivers the information you need to develop those strategies. As CKR Interactive’s competitive analysis solution for online recruitment advertising, it offers you a clear view of how your competitors’ online recruitment marketing tactics compare to yours and provides insight into areas where you may be falling short in the talent war.

From job posting activity to career website analysis, Enalysis™ will give you the edge you’ve been searching for. You’ll get a better understanding of your competitors’ recruitment activity and messaging, as well as a comprehensive report detailing our recommendations for future job posting, recruitment marketing and career site improvements. Your account team can work with you to implement, manage, and monitor these changes to keep your recruitment advertising activities on the path to success.

Enalysis™ features and benefits:

  • Entails a comprehensive competitive analysis, including your company and the top three competitors of your choice
  • Provides a detailed overview and analysis of the job boards you and your competitors are utilizing
  • Provides insight into select job boards and their strengths in the recruitment market, as well as their performance for specific job postings and locations by region
  • Gives clarity as to the number of job openings your competitors have been looking to fill, and what avenues and messaging they use to recruit candidates
  • Finds areas that you can take advantage of to optimize your recruitment marketing efforts and increase your ROI
  • Can be customized as needed

Let CKR show you the power of Enalysis™. Contact us today to learn more about this and other CKR Interactive recruitment advertising and marketing products, and start experiencing the results you’ve been seeking.

Sometimes you need to bring your company to your candidates in a much more direct way – online. That’s when you need e-Vents™, CKR Interactive’s customizable virtual recruitment events solution. e-Vents was designed for Virtual Career/Job Fairs, Open Houses, informational networking events and other applications. It provides real-time interaction between your recruiters and prospective candidates to establish relationships, give you better control in employer branding efforts, make the screening process more efficient, and schedule future phone and in-person interviews.

e-Vents™ features and benefits:

  • Highly-engaging and interactive
    Your recruiters are able to connect with candidates from anywhere in the world and interact or answer questions in real-time via chat, video chat and e-mail. They also have immediate access to resumes provided by candidates and can discuss any questions directly with them in a one-on-one or group setting.

  • Easy to organize
    Candidates attending an e-Vents event can track the positions they have applied for and with whom they have interacted. They can even have different resumes targeted to different types of positions. Your recruiters will have real-time access to reports that list which candidates posted applications for which positions, applicant status and which individuals from the company the candidate interacted with (via chat, e-mail and virtual business-card exchange).

  • Anonymous information-gathering
    More privacy equals greater confidence in your company. Some candidates prefer not to be identified in a virtual recruitment event until they want to apply for a position or engage with a company representative. We’ve designed e-Vites to allow candidates to mask their identities while attending your virtual event until they are ready to engage.

Let CKR show you the power of e-Vents™. Contact us today to learn more about this and other CKR Interactive recruitment advertising and marketing products, and start experiencing the results you’ve been seeking.

What story is your career site telling job seekers? Is it attracting the top performers you need? Does it have what it takes to convert visitors to applicants? Find out with E-valuate™.

You can count on potential employees to visit your career website before applying for a job. That’s why it’s imperative that you have an outstanding site designed to appeal to your specific target audience and get the results you need. E-valuate™ is the first step in creating a website that will surpass those of your competition in style, organization and effectiveness.

Using E-valuate™, CKR will benchmark your current site against 25 identified industry best practices  and provide you with a detailed report on how your site measures up to your competition, as well as with recommendations on how to improve it. Once our analysis is complete, CKR is in position to design a new site for you that will lower your cost per hire and attract the top performers that you need.

E-valuate™ features and benefits:

  • Generate more career site traffic and activity
  • Monitor sites from selected competitors
  • Comprehensive analysis and report including:
    • Career site usage trends
    • Detailed review and benchmarking against 25 best practices
  • Written narrative:
    • Summarizes key points
    • Recommendations for improvement
    • Proposed content map
    • Continually updated as new best practices are recognized in this dynamic area

Let CKR show you the power of E-valuate™. Contact us today to learn more about this and other CKR Interactive recruitment advertising and marketing products, and start experiencing the results you’ve been seeking.

Communication is key to getting great results from your recruitment efforts, and that means having access to information whenever you need it. ClientHub™, CKR Interactive’s web-based client extranet, provides this access 24 hours a day. ClientHub™ houses past ads, creative samples, recruiting information, solutions, information on CKR’s services, reports and contact info for your account team members. It’s your one-stop online account services resource, a virtual backstage pass to superior recruitment marketing solutions – perfect for the recruiting rock star in you.

ClientHub™ features and benefits:

  • Web-based, easy to use and secure
  • Access your current and archived ads and projects, campaigns, ad books and style guides
  • Password-protected
  • Generate and submit project requests 24/7
  • View real-time changes, notes and communications with just an Internet connection any time, any day

Say it once – be heard globally

  • Communicate with team members everywhere about current projects, plans and goals
  • Access your international colleagues' ads, projects, etc. with a click of your mouse

Rely on research
Review research summaries and make requests for new research projects

Let CKR show you the power of ClientHub™. Contact us today to learn more about this and other CKR Interactive recruitment advertising and marketing products, and start experiencing the results you’ve been seeking.

TrackStar™ is CKR Interactive’s easy-to-use recruitment marketing tracking solution. This state-of-the-art system provides metrics to track responses to employment communications and, most importantly, to identify where your hires are coming from, thus improving your ROI and enabling you to optimize your recruitment efforts.


CKR's system provides a variety of application metrics, some of which include "click-throughs" (the number of individuals that click on your ad and enter your career site or ATS), "starts" (the number of candidates who start the application process) and "completes" (the number of those who successfully complete an application). These additional metrics help you better identify which of your job boards is actually working, giving you an advantage and helping you to accurately measure your ROI.


TrackStar™ features and benefits:

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of all your employment communications
  • Determine best posting day or month to generate the most job views
  • View information by job title for that media, as well as, views, clicks, starts, apps, interviews, hires, and residual hires*
  • Realize improved ROI for your advertising dollars
  • Web-based; no software to install

Let CKR show you the power of TrackStar™. Contact us today to learn more about this and other CKR Interactive recruitment advertising and marketing products, and start experiencing the results you’ve been seeking.

Most companies understand the value of crafting internal, and external, emails that reflect the true voice and brand of the organization. But there are those which are well-written and those with true character. Which do you think gets more attention? 


Whether you're looking to send out an email campaign internally to employees, or a regular newsletter to your pipeline of prospective candidates, CKR Interactive's eMessage solution will help you streamline your campaigns with ease and get them the eyes they're seeking. We'll develop a branded HTML email template for you to use for email communications or newsletter campaigns. Multiple templates can be designed if you wish to utilize a different look and feel for different campaigns or target audiences. This template will be loaded into our eMessage platform and tested to ensure that it opens correctly via various email clients. Once testing is complete, you're ready to go! You can revise your customized templates as needed for each campaign, changing article content, images and more. Features and benefits include:

Personalization and Sharing

  • Make it personal by inserting the recipient's name.
  • Forward to a friend: Let your recipients spread the word virally and we'll track the results.
  • No third party branding - many email solutions tack on large logos and links to promote themselves. eMessage is all about you.

Easy Management

  • With eMessage's powerful analytics, track the opens, clicks, forwards, unsubscribes, bounces and more. Plus you can tie your campaigns to Google Analytics.
  • All your campaigns and images will be hosted and archived for future reference or use.
  • Full control over when your recipients will receive your campaigns.
  • Easy list management with the ability to import and export using Excel. Plus, eMessage ensures that you never send to anyone who has unsubscribed, bounced or marked you as spam.

Tried and True

  • Test your emails before they are sent to your recipient list to ensure it looks like you want it to and will pass spam regulations.
  • Our A/B split testing feature makes it easy to test your email campaigns and learn from them every time (i.e. what subject line gets the best open rate?). You tell us how to decide a winner, eMessage will send the two options to a sample of your list and then automatically send the winner to everyone else.
  • eMessage is whitelisted at major ISP's and our team constantly monitors blacklists to ensure consistent deliverability.

Let CKR show you the power of eMessage™. Contact us today to learn more about this and other CKR Interactive recruitment advertising and marketing products, and start experiencing the results you’ve been seeking.

Referral Max™ ERP System
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PinPoint™ Recruitment Plan
OpporTUNEty™ Music Marketing
ExCELLerate™ Mobile Marketing
Enalysis™ Online Strategy
e-Vents™ Virtual Career Fairs
E-valuate™ Website Analysis
ClientHub™ 24/7 Communication
eMessage™ Custom Email & Delivery
Recruitment advertising without limits.
CKR Interactive is your partner with results. We deliver superior recruitment advertising solutions and unparalleled customer service to position your company as the one to work for and get attention of your prospective candidates. Using expert recruitment services, products and solutions, research and analysis capabilities, media bargaining, project management and award-winning creative talent, we develop recruitment solutions that are consistent with your employer brand and shine above those of your competitors. You get the results you need, and we get to say we made it happen.