The knowledge, experience and technology you need to attract, engage and retain the best people.


SMS, SEM, SEO, radio, online display, sponsorships, mobile, social, postings, print...keeping up on the always-changing media landscape is enough to make your head spin. There's a lot to consider, but fortunately that's our job. And our passion.

CKR's media planning specialists develop tailored multi-channel strategies that meet your goals and objectives while making sure you get the most out of your budget, determining the right mix every time so that your money is spent wisely and effectively. They're also great at negotiating rates and securing trial packages, adding even more value to your program. Plus, we'll be your go-to source for the latest knowledge regarding trends and emerging media, bringing to you only the solutions that make sense. And let’s not forget about metrics. CKR leverages a range of data sources to measure success and determine how to optimize your media plan based on the results. It's just the kind of thinking you need for a media strategy that continually drives top talent to your organization.

Key service areas include:

  • Media Planning and Buying

  • Search Engine Marketing (Organic and Paid)

  • Social and Emerging Media Management

  • Metrics and Reporting

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