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The important role social media plays in recruitment is undeniable. Its ongoing evolution demands that CKR Interactive master social platforms so we can continually break new barriers for our clients on the social front. Our experience spans everything from developing themes and editorial calendars to designing unique social campaigns for targeted audiences. CKR’s social strategists can work with you to identify a strategic approach to social recruiting that will attract top candidates.

What is social recruiting?

The most basic definition of social recruiting is recruiting candidates using social media. When used strategically, social media is leveraged as a channel to market your organization as an employer of choice by telling your employer story and providing candidates with a window into your corporate culture.

Why is social media so important in recruitment?

There are numerous reasons why social media is so important to recruitment. As a two-way communication channel, social media allows you to interact with candidates and for candidates to interact with your organization directly — something recruitment hasn’t had in the past.

Throw in the fact that social gives you the ability to target very specific groups and provide messaging and content that appeals to their interests. Which means you can also map your jobs to your target audience. Making social the ideal channel to engage a pipeline of passive candidates who may not be ready to apply.

Showcasing your employees not only gives candidates an idea of who they will work with, but also has the added benefit of aiding your retention efforts. Featuring your employees on your social media channels can help sell them on your company all over again by showing that they are appreciated and valued.

How do I get started?

You can get started today by contacting CKR. We’re here to listen and ask the right questions in order to quickly provide you with an assessment of how we can help and what we would recommend. Below are some things to consider in preparation of our discussion:

  • Does your organization already have an established social media presence?
  • What is it you are trying to accomplish with social recruiting?
  • Do you already have a social media policy or guidelines in place?
  • Do you have internal resources dedicated to this initiative?
  • Has your organization established a budget for social recruiting?

Once you master the social basics like selecting the right platforms, creating candidate personas and executing a consistent publishing frequency with the right mix of content, what's next?

  • Paid media strategies
  • Influencer marketing
  • Reputation management

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