Eight Steps to Develop Your 2020 Social Media Recruitment Calendar

By on October 17, 2019

It’s that time of year, the craziness of the big Q4 push and planning for next year. To help manage how overwhelmed you might be we’ve put together a list of eight steps you can take to help you develop your 2020 social media recruitment marketing calendar.

  1. Conduct a social media audit. Take the time to look at what you’re currently doing and what you have done over the last year. Look at the channels that are getting the most engagement and pay close attention to the types of posts your audience is responding to.
  2. Establish your goals. What are your overall social media goals, what are the specific goals for each channel and then take it a step further and set goals for campaigns? Make sure to set a timeframe for each goal — are you tracking monthly or quarterly?
  3. Map your metrics. Now you need to make sure you have the tracking you need in place to be able to track to your goals. Be sure to secure the tools you need for tracking.
  4. Understand your audience. Collect as many insights as you can about your social media audiences so that you understand the best way to speak to them.
  5. Research content ideas. Start by reviewing your social audit findings for what has worked, then look at your competitors to see the level of engagement they are getting. From here branch out and look at how other companies are approaching their social media recruitment. This will give you ideas. Here are a few content ideas to get you started: post about events, highlight your thought leaders, post hot jobs and feature days that you celebrate as an organization. Maybe include takeover days by department and location.
  6. Layout your calendar. Decide on a format that will work best for you and your team. Will you need a tool that multiple people can collaborate on? Otherwise, the most important thing is to find a layout that is easy for you to use and that you will utilize. If the format is difficult to use, then all of this work will be for nothing.
  7. Get Feedback. Enlist your team members to help and get feedback to make improvements. If you do this activity in a vacuum, you are likely to get pushback from your team down the road. It’s better to get their input early on.
  8. Finalize with flexibility. Finalize your calendar but understand that there will be many occurrences where you need to be flexible and will need to work in timely content. This is something to keep in mind when you are deciding on the format for your calendar.

Follow these steps to get a jump start on your 2020 social media recruitment calendar. What process do you typically follow when putting together your social recruitment calendar?

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