Ask CKR: Do You Offer Simplified and/or Enhanced Job Posting Services?

By on February 15, 2017

There are so many ways we help our clients breathe life into stale or boring job descriptions. Below is a comprehensive list of services that CKR provides for job postings.

Job Description Consultation, Writing and Guidelines

Job descriptions are important and if done properly really set the framework for everything that your organization accomplishes. Refining your job description content can help you avoid “garbage-in, garbage-out” scenarios. As HR continues to develop new technologies and employ new human capital programs, there must first be a solid understanding of the work/jobs performed. Appropriately defining and documenting the job description helps accomplish this goal. The challenge is creating well-developed job descriptions that enhance the genuinely positive aspects while minimizing the negative. The following are some of the aspects we focus on to build the framework:

  • Structure
  • Specifics
  • Tone and Voice
  • Flexibility
  • Language
  • Legal

The following experiences are greatly improved when establishing your framework.

  • Apply consideration
  • Consistency in display
  • Goal and expectation setting
  • Understanding of the opportunity
  • Workforce planning
  • Candidate recruiting
  • Performance reviews
  • Career and succession planning
  • Training

Contextual Job Descriptions (Career Website)

For years we’ve been building enterprise-class career websites and a major part of our offering includes a pinpoint focus on the candidate experience, specifically in regard to job search and presentation. One of our philosophies is to focus on touch points and identify potential first stops in the candidate journey. In many cases, whether a recruiter, colleague, friend or even your mom shares it, the job description page is the first stop a user makes when landing on your career site. We spend a large amount of time curating great content for these websites, and we want to make sure the candidate is as informed as possible once they reach the page that houses your apply button. To enhance the job description, we can include:

  • Rich media
  • Brand photography
  • Employee profiles
  • Localized content (benefits, location, etc.)
  • Event listings
  • Social content
  • Category overviews
  • Related opportunities
  • SEO

2015 Kissmetrics study served as a great validator to our approach, revealing that content with relevant images yields 94% more views than content without.

Visual Job Descriptions

In 2015, we began a deep dive into the topic of job descriptions and even published an eBook that covered the following topics: where they came from, why we use them, and how they’ve evolved. We soon realized that not much has changed since job postings were first introduced, with the exception that we can now put these things online and share them on different forms of mass media. So we asked ourselves, how could we breathe new life into job descriptions? I’m very much of the mindset that design can change the perception of anything, and it also has the ability to captivate and build trust. So we decided to take a very visual approach to job descriptions. We wanted to take the most unique attributes of the job description that defines both hard and soft skills and join those attributes with employer highlights including culture and accolades, as well as brand creative, and create what we call the Visual Job Description (VJD).

Lead with your brand equity and familiarity. Your logo, color palette, iconography, photography, etc. A picture is worth a thousand words.


You have eight seconds or less to get job seekers’ attention. The pretty picture did its job — now we leverage the most important content to keep their attention. Highlight the most unique and important aspects of the position and your organization in a clear and concise way.


VJDs are designed to be used across social channels including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. This ‘snackable’ size allows you to get straight to the point and showcase your opportunity anywhere you already communicate with your audience.

We have two distinct offerings for Visual Job Descriptions:

Use our layout gallery as your starting point. We audit your job(s), brand guidelines, and employment highlights, then identify the most compelling attributes to include in a beautifully branded deliverable.


A comprehensive strategic and creative process designed to build a framework for all your future Visual Job Descriptions. This framework includes the outputs for all service line and priority positions, as well as a complete set of guidelines to ensure consistency and make production requests as simple as ordering from a menu.

Software Solution

Textio is an advanced machine-learning platform for writing better job postings. Textio instantly predicts the hiring performance of your post by comparing it to more than 70 million others and provides clear guidance on how to improve it. On average, hiring teams with a 90+ Textio Score recruit a talent pool that is 24% more qualified with 12% more diversity — and they do it 17% faster.

There you have it. If you’d like to learn more about any of these services, please don’t hesitate to contact us, as our team is super-helpful and loves talking shop. Also, if you have any questions of your own, submit them in the comments section and we’ll get back to you. It might even make it into our next “Ask CKR” article.


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