Career Websites Still a Best Bet for Branding

By on September 28, 2015

While the widespread adoption of social media has resulted in countless considerations for employers when it comes to branding, social platforms have yet to diminish the value a career website offers in terms of helping potential employees understand who your organization is and what you offer from an employment perspective.

In fact,  research from Talent Board found that shows that 65% of people report that they find a company career website the most valuable resource when researching their next career opportunity.


There’s no place better than your career website to bring your employment experience to life. To be most effective, keep these principles in mind:

Share stories, not just information. Don’t present candidates with lengthy paragraphs of information repurposed from corporate brochures and handouts. Use engaging stories to drive home key points about your environment and your offerings. For example, if you offer paid time off so that employees can volunteer, don’t just include this in a bulleted list of benefits. Create a page that talks about the organizations that have benefitted from this and showcases specific volunteer activities and positive outcomes associated with your employees’ efforts.

Let your employees do the talking. No big secret here, peers are always viewed as more credible sources of information than companies are. Sure, you can offer up some employee profiles but also look for opportunities to weave testimonials throughout the site to reinforce key messages and provide additional credibility. Let’s say you have a site section on your organization’s internal mobility programs — add testimonials to strengthen the appeal to prospective candidates.

Leverage visual communication. Sure, you can try to describe your cutting-edge office space or the lush gardens on your campus, but nothing is more powerful than letting us see it with our own eyes. Use video or photography to grab the attention of visitors and instantly drive home the attractive aspects of your work environment by displaying the information visually.

These tips are certainly not revolutionary — they’ve long been viewed as career website best practices. Unfortunately, many companies fail to keep these approaches in mind when they create or update their career websites, leaving visitors with uninspired static content that does little to distinguish them from the competition. You can avoid this pitfall by making sure that when prospective candidates come to your site to get to know your brand they walk away with a positive impression.

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