Four Considerations When Hiring Software Engineers

By on October 19, 2017

Helping employers hire and understand software engineers (SWEs) in Silicon Valley has become a necessary skill for CKR Interactive. Problem is, 83% of professional developers are currently employed (source: StackOverflow, 2017). So CKR’s job is to uncover and articulate employer brands, to ensure that SWE’s see switching jobs as an intriguing and beneficial endeavor.

Software engineers have different needs and desires based on the stage of their career. A new grad may be seeking interesting or famous work at a well-known company, whereas a more seasoned software engineer wants a stable and unpolitical work environment. According to StackOverflow’s 2017 annual survey results, 12.9% of SWE’s are only 1-2 years into their professional career. And not to anyone’s surprise, it is a male-dominated field (88%). And, most notably, software engineers love their job so much that 45% of them program as a hobby. Much different than an accountant who wants to crunch numbers in their free time. Contrary to popular assumption, only 3% of all software developers work at a startup. Majority (58%) of them are employed by publicly-traded corporations or privately-held companies.

CKR has years of experience conducting research among and marketing to software engineers. Our proprietary research methodology attempts to get at the root of the ‘why.’ Why do people become software engineers? Why do they crave a certain work environment? Why are some, more than others, drawn to this type of work? CKR employs emotional insights methodologies to understand and answer these questions.

The companies competing for software engineers are not limited to technology companies or startups — think health systems, pharmaceutical giants or even financial services. So while we can’t give away all of our secrets, here are a few findings that are applicable when hiring SWE’s, in almost any industry.

  1. No matter the experience level, software engineers love a good challenge. In fact, it’s a dealbreaker if that’s not offered.
  2. Seasoned software engineers are more independent, all the while appreciating the value of a solid team dynamic.
  3. They want to see change, but also be a part of it (as opposed to simply maintaining).
  4. Not all software engineers are fine with working at a company where technology isn’t a cornerstone. CKR can help identify the low-hanging fruit, by conducting qualitative segmentation to find the right type of SWE.

Competing for top software engineers has become increasingly difficult. CKR Interactive can help by providing your organization with crucial insights and creative strategies to target the talent you need to drive your organization forward.

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