Has Your Employer Brand Lost Its Spark?

By on October 30, 2019

First off, how do you even know the spark is lost? The most obvious indicator is your immediate reaction when you see it or even think about it. Are you embarrassed of the story being told about your organization? Are your colleagues not telling a unified, succinct story? Are your other team members constantly griping about the current employer brand state of affairs? Did you say yes to any of these questions? Consider making a change.

  • The process should start with triage:
    • Decide what is working, what you want to keep, what could be salvaged with a few tweaks and what you want to scrap.
    • Triage should be done with others — workshop it with your colleagues and/or your agency partners. Of course, you don’t want too many cooks, but in this situation, you want to make sure your team’s priorities are aligned.
  • Start the work with a goal in mind:
    • Perhaps the whole reason your brand became stale is because someone viewed it as something to complete and then leave alone. Brands are never complete —they’re living things.
    • Brand positioning doesn’t change that often (if ever) because it’s your DNA. However, the outward-facing story and focus can and should change as often as it’s strategically needed. The best brands are keenly aware of their target audience’s emotional needs, and deliver on them in a way that’s authentic to their brand —there’s nothing flippant, reactionary or fear-based involved in this process.
  • Conduct a workshop with your agency partner:
    • Set measurable goals – a mix of qualitative and quantitative goals is ideal.

To review: The steps are triage, set goals, start enhancing and repeat. This doesn’t mean make monumental changes and shifts every week, but keep a keen pulse on what is happening in your category, our world’s culture, your candidate and target audience and your company. If you stay aware and ready, then your next steps will feel much more inherent and achievable.

Want to learn more? For more detailed information on getting your employer brand’s spark back, go to:


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