How to Capitalize on Boomerang Hires

By on August 9, 2019

One of your top performers is coming back to your organization and your team — you couldn’t be more excited — but how do you capitalize on their return and keep them around this time? We already know the benefits of boomerang employees including a lower cost-per-hire, shorter recruiting cycle and known strengths and capabilities, but ensuring boomerang hires’ success is another story.

Ideas to capitalize on your next boomerang hire and ensure their success:

  • Shorten the onboarding time: Because your boomerang is already familiar with the company you don’t need to put them through the typical onboarding process, but can instead expedite the process by focusing their onboarding on any changes at the company they need to get up to speed on and anything that will directly impact their role. A shorter onboarding time also means they can jump in and start contributing much faster. You can also invite them to meet with new thought leaders in the company that have joined since their departure.
  • Find out what they’ve learned: Take the time to sit down with your boomerang employee to find out what they learned or gained in their time away, as well as where their passion lies. This not only benefits the organization but also helps you understand the new skills and knowledge that the employee has gained so you know how they can best contribute and where they would like to contribute. Based on the above response, map out a new career journey so they are aware of the opportunities that exist and the paths they may take to learn new skills and follow their passions.
  • Leverage their return as a morale boost: When employees leave it looks bad and it brings down morale, but when they return it can boost morale because it signals to other employees that the grass isn’t necessarily greener and that the organization is a good employer. When you announce the return of the employee make sure to highlight why they came back, why the company is excited to have them back and position them as a resource to other employees. This helps other employees see the company welcoming them back with open arms and lets the boomerang see how valued they are.
  • Recruit new talent: Use your returning employees as ambassadors for recruitment. Showcasing what employees have gone on to do and that they chose to come back can send a strong message to potential employees. Again, this reassures employees that they made the right decision to come back by telling them that you value what they bring to the company.
  • Tap into this group to improve: Once an employee leaves and returns they become a valuable resource to tap into. Explore why they left in the first place and see if there is room for improvement from a cultural perspective as well as how they do their job. This obviously benefits the company but also lets the returning employee know you are willing to listen to them and take action based on their feedback.

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