How to Choose a Recruitment Marketing Agency Partner to Help With Programmatic Ad Buying

By on September 29, 2017

Whether you’re looking to try something new and invest some of your ad dollars into programmatic ad buying or you’re looking for some help optimizing your programmatic campaigns, you may want to consider an agency partner to help.

Most marketing agencies, especially recruitment marketing agencies, lack the resources to build an in-house data science team and instead license third-party algorithms and software programs for their programmatic ad buying. What this means to you is that with only a few platforms to choose from, most agencies in the recruitment industry use the SAME technology when it comes to programmatic. So how do you choose which agency partner to use? There are some key differentiators to keep in mind when looking for your agency partner:

  • Strategic Thinking: Look for a partner that stays on top of emerging trends because they will know how to optimize your media effectively. See what information the agency is publishing through their blog and social media and ask them to show you examples of innovative things they are doing for current clients.
  • Creative: This is a big one. Choose a partner who delivers great creative and will help carry your employer brand through your recruitment marketing advertisements. The creative and message in your ads is what will drive interest and prompt candidates to take action.
  • Performance Monitoring: Find out how your account activity is monitored so you can take full advantage of one of the biggest benefits — the ability to pivot quickly when things aren’t working and change the plan, based on the data analytics that have been provided.
  • Reporting and Analytics: Talk to your potential partners to determine what their capabilities are with reporting and analytics. Ask them questions to determine if they can provide the data that you need to better optimize your programmatic strategy.
  • Optimization: Ask to see case studies and detailed examples of how the agency will ensure media is being utilized in the most effective way and the specific strategies they would use to optimize so you get the most out of your programmatic spend.

Doing this research upfront will ensure you find the right partner to help you accomplish your goals — make sure to ask plenty of questions and request to see examples. Not sure if you’re ready to jump into programmatic? Check out our previous blog to help you determine if programmatic is right for you.

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