How to Leverage IGTV for Recruitment

By on November 15, 2019

IGTV launched in June 2018 and some brands like Louis Vuitton, Food Network, Buzzfeed and Netflix have been crushing it with their content since the beginning. And while it can be intimidating to try and leverage a new social platform in your talent acquisition strategy, we’ve put together some content ideas to help you get started with IGTV.

Content ideas:
1. Insider content — share videos that show the inner workings of your company. This could include product development, production and distribution videos. Or perhaps a look at how customer service requests are handled. Videos like this can help people envision themselves working in these roles or more clearly illustrate what it is that your organization does.
2. Behind the scenes — cover company events like social gatherings or take viewers with you on an office tour or to industry trade shows. This will help prospective candidates see both the lighter side of your business and what the environment will be like to work in.
3. Thought leadership — leverage expert interviews and speaking engagements for thought leaders in your organization. This shows candidates the leaders and subject matter experts in your organization that they will work with and learn from.
4. Inspirational stories — follow inspirational employee stories inside and outside of work. Highlight your employees and the great things they are doing for your organization and the community. This will help give insight into the team candidates can look forward to working with.
5. Q&A sessions — answer questions about your recruiting process to help guide candidates through the candidate lifecycle. You can also do Q&A sessions with teams/departments in your organization to give your audience specific information about what it’s like to work on that team/department.

Hopefully, these content ideas will help jump-start your IGTV talent acquisition strategy. Do you have any additional ideas for leveraging IGTV for recruitment? If so, please share in the comments below.

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