Hulu: The Five Reasons Why You Should be Advertising Your Jobs on Hulu Today

By on July 1, 2019

Hulu advertising has been around for many years, but it’s not always top of mind when it comes to recruitment advertising. While you might be used to seeing ads for shows and products on Hulu, it might surprise you that Hulu can also be a great way to boost your employer profile and appeal to potential candidates.

Here’s why you should be advertising your jobs on Hulu:

1. Hulu allows you to captivate a passive audience:
Although some users pay to opt out of ads, roughly 61 million Hulu users subscribe to an ad-supported plan. This is a huge population to target with your advertisements. In an age where “cord-cutters” are becoming more common, Hulu is a great way to continue to appeal to a TV-watching audience.

2. Hulu provides strong targeting options:
Hulu offers highly targeted ads. You can choose which populations to target by factors like interests and behaviors, demographics and location. This ensures that your ads will reach the right candidates with the qualities that you are looking for.

Hulu allows users to choose which ads they are most interested in. This gives users a more favorable and memorable advertising experience, and means that the viewers seeing your ads are more likely to be interested in your company, and therefore more likely to visit your career site or even apply.

3. Hulu is programmatically driven:
Using Hulu’s programmatic options, you can tailor your ads to ensure that the candidates who see your ads are the most likely to engage and apply. For example, you can restrict the number of times your ads appear for the same viewers which will save you money and keep viewers from getting burnt out on your brand. You can also target your ad spend by showing ads to a wide audience, localizing your audience, or using their automated and data-informed programmatic solutions.

4. Hulu has a range of ad choices:
Hulu boasts a wide variety of advertising options so you can find one that fits your needs and your budget. The options are as follows:

  • 7, 15, 30-second or custom commercials
  • Branded Entertainment Selector
  • Slates
  • Action Bar
  • Interactive Interstitials
  • Social Connect
  • Player Skins
  • Companion
  • Page or Masthead Brand Placement

5. Hulu has robust attribution capabilities:
With Hulu’s measurement solutions you can keep track of how your ads are performing, right down to the number of viewers who are watching your ads. You can track conversions and measure brand lift, so you’ll be able to see how impactful your ads are and make informed advertising solutions with Hulu in the future.

Advertising with Hulu can present your company to the right candidates, and help you fill roles while boosting brand awareness. To learn more about advertising your jobs with Hulu, click here and contact us at

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