Humanizing Your Brand Through Visual Job Descriptions

By on July 16, 2019

Job descriptions are incredibly important and are often overlooked in the candidate attraction and recruitment arena. As a matter of fact, did you know that 65% of candidate traffic will bypass the career home page and go directly to the job description? And that 45% of candidates will click “apply” having only seen the job description (reference: 2019 TMP Labs data)?

This blog assumes that you are aware of and have applied job description best practices (see the end of blog for optimal steps: and now takes you to the next level: visual job descriptions.

In today’s world of low unemployment rates coupled with a highly competitive biosciences labor market, the need to stand out in the form of a visual job description should be an essential part of any attraction and recruitment strategy.

The ability to bring your job descriptions to life, align with your brand, and cut through the clutter in digital advertising and social media is exactly what visual job descriptions do (note that these could also include video). These visual formats provide content that is compelling and engaging while allowing you to personalize the content based on job interest. In other words, they can humanize your brand and drive candidate engagement. This content can incorporate a mix of rich photography and video and include employee testimonials, Glassdoor ratings and a visualization of the ideal skills and traits a candidate needs to succeed. But the advantages don’t stop there. Company rewards, benefits, and “why join” statements can also come to life through visual job descriptions. Essentially, visual job descriptions tell a well-rounded story, incorporating your people and culture in a meaningful way, and aid in the improvement of the whole candidate experience.

Did you know that visual content gets 94% more online views? If your job post has visual content, a job seeker spends more than 76.7 seconds viewing the information (source: The Ladders). In a 2016 TalentBrew study on visual job descriptions (called advanced job descriptions by TMP), the following insights were uncovered:

  • 200% increased time of candidate engagement with an AJD
  • 3.5% reduced conversion that leads to higher quality and more meaningful consideration
  • 117% increased conversion from organic Google traffic to the AJD

Examples of visual job descriptions from two bioscience industry leaders, one headquartered in the United States and the other in France follow.

Founded more than 40 years ago, this company is a leading biotechnology company with 13,000+ employees. They turned to CKR to develop their visual job descriptions stemming from their employer brand. Their evolution to visual job descriptions began in 2016 and included initial success measurements. Today’s visual job description is in the form of an infographic.

Visual Job Description

 Visual Job Description






A global biopharmaceutical company with more than 110,000 employees in 100 countries turned to TMP Worldwide (CKR’s parent company) to take full advantage of advanced job descriptions through the TalentBrew platform (a SaaS cloud-based system that leverages the latest technology and couples it with industry insights, your employer brand and metrics to inform decisions).

Visual Benefits             Visual Job Description






Turn your job descriptions into visual statements that enhance your brand story and highlight key motivators and unique selling points that help humanize your brand. You will see an improvement in recruiting efficiencies that help drive candidate engagement in this highly competitive biosciences market.

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