Instagram Stories: The Employer Branding Tool Every Recruitment Marketer Needs

By on November 13, 2017

With 300 million daily active users since its launch in August 2016, and 59% of users being 18-29 year-olds, Instagram Stories has become a powerhouse in marketing, especially when targeting younger audiences. With Stories’ unique features including live video, interactive polling and clickable links, Instagram has outpaced Snap’s 166 million daily active users and is now the all-in-one employer brand platform every recruitment marketer should be using.

How to Use Instagram Stories for Recruitment Marketing

Let’s take a look at some of the strategies you can leverage to tell your employer brand story on Instagram Stories.

Document a day-in-the-life at your organization.

Instagram Stories is your opportunity to establish an emotional connection with your followers and potential candidates by providing an authentic, behind-the-scenes look into what it’s like to work at your company. Studies show that people find messages from employees more genuine than messages from executives or brands, making your employees a key element in producing engaging content. Down below, @SalesforceJobs documented a narrative of one of their employees attending a work event, running into co-workers and participating in a meditation session, all in one day!











Live stream an event.

Instagram Stories’ Live video component provides the opportunity to live stream conferences, speaking events and fun activities going on at your organization. A simple strategy for Instagram Live is to prepare questions before the stream, then have a Q&A session with your team. Your recruiters, for example, could answer questions on the application process, or your Diversity and Inclusion team could talk about outreach and advocacy programs at your organization. Live video provides a lot of unique opportunities that, with some preparation beforehand, can spread awareness about your culture in a method as easily as a pre-recorded video.

Include a call to action with a link.

Business accounts with at least 10,000 followers can include a link that, when clicked on in a Story, immediately takes followers to an external site. Don’t have 10,000 followers? Not to worry. Another option is to type your career site URL into your Story or direct followers to visit your Instagram profile, which can have one clickable URL featured in your bio. Check out how @SalesforceJobs, who has fewer than 10,000 followers, did it below.










New Features on Instagram Stories

Instagram is constantly adding new features to Stories. Read on to see the new innovations you can now include in your recruitment marketing strategy.

Flashbacks from Camera Roll

Previously, users could upload photos and videos from their Camera Roll, but only those taken within the last 24 hours. Now, users can upload any photo or video from their Camera Roll. When uploaded, these will come with an optional sticker showing the date the photo or video was taken. This provides a great opportunity to utilize any visuals from previous conferences for events so followers can see what your organization has been involved in.










Interactive Polling

Recently, Instagram Stories rolled out an interactive polling feature. Users can ask a question, write two answers for followers to choose from and see how people vote. This is a chance to source information from potential candidates and learn more about who is following you and what they’re looking for.

Interactive PollingInteractive1









With its engaging and interactive features, Instagram Stories has become the storytelling platform on social. The possibilities that come along with Stories, along with the content curation available on the regular Instagram platform, make Instagram an all-in-one location for showcasing your employer brand. Recruitment marketers who capitalize on the unique capabilities of Stories will find the most success in their social content strategy.

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