Keep Your Top Performers With These Five Tips

By on September 20, 2018

Top performers have options in this job market and while compensation plays a factor in keeping your top performers, it is not the only thing you could or should be doing. In fact, the lack of career advancement and professional opportunities is the primary reason employees give for leaving a company.

Keep Your Superstars Engaged and Retained

  1. Give them responsibility: High performers will constantly be on the hunt for ways they can contribute to the organization. Give them the opportunity by informing employees about the challenges the organization faces and I bet they’ll come back with solutions.
  2. Provide career direction: Your best employees are going to want to be promoted and if they feel like it won’t happen at your company, they will look for upward mobility elsewhere. Be prepared to show employees where they can go if they stay.
  3. Encourage learning: Your most valued talent will want to continue to learn and enhance their skills. Keep these employees engaged by offering them various ways to grow this could come in the form of attending conferences, making time for webinars, allowing the opportunity to take supplementary courses, or organizing guest speakers. Consider adding professional development to your list of benefits and back it up by providing resources for your employees.
  4. Assign mentors: Pair your all-stars up with other high performers in your organization or in your network. This is yet another way you can show your employees that you care about them and their careers.
  5. Knowledge sharing: This can be informal, but give employees the time and opportunity to share and discuss ideas with their peers. We can often get caught up in checking off the latest task on our to-do list that we neglect to share with those around us.

These may seem simple, but these initiatives can go a long way in showing your employees that you care about and support their career aspirations, which will not go unappreciated. What initiatives does your organization have in place for employee growth and development? We’d love to hear from you.

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