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By on September 14, 2017

It’s been a long time since I’ve had the chance to attend a media day for a client. In the past, media days were almost as popular as career fairs, trade shows or college events. Most recently, media days have been replaced with programmatic learning, PPC/CPA strategies, and anything related to mobile, social, digital or pinpoint marketing. Okay, I’ll add in chatbots, too.

I’m here to profess my love of media days. After all, how often do you get a talent acquisition team’s attention for an entire day? Let me clarify a bit further …

As you might imagine, there was a ton of coordination on the front end — juggling of calendars, attendees, and media partners, not to mention finding a room large enough to accommodate both the talent acquisition team and all the partners together in the same space. Then there was setting the agenda, vetting each media partner, viewing their presentations so they understood the goals and objectives of the day and organizing the food. Every decision, every presentation, every last detail of the day was 100% client-focused as they were at the heart of all media conversations, including campaign metrics, new products and recommendations for the future. And of course, the food, snacks and beverage choices were also quite important. We needed to keep our audience engaged and well-fed!

The day began at 9am and ended at 5:15pm. We had breaks after every conversation. There were great discussions and a lot of excitement about Google for Jobs and the Cloud Jobs API, new labor dynamics reports for targeted industries, video ideation, content curation and new products and services. Even so, there were some partners that strayed from the script and spent too much time talking about how great their products were instead of what the product (or service) could do for the client. There was even a media partner that was 15 minutes late for a 30 minute discussion (and they were only 9 blocks away). Those will most likely not see the fruits of the day.

Now the fun has begun of compiling decks, articulating key takeaways and deciding on next steps and action items. This is all done in the name of moving the client’s talent acquisition goals forward that will be measured with with various metrics and analytics that include source of hire. The media day was well-orchestrated and perfectly timed with 2018 budget development, which is right  around the corner. The media day and follow-up discussions that are already taking place are sure to help inform the talent acquisition resource allocation.

We couldn’t fit the entire team, but here’s some of them. Check out the snacks, too!

media day


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