The Era of Live Video and the Skeleton in the Closet

By on April 19, 2016

Video live-streaming is being hyped BIG TIME in 2016.

Yes, video is a great tool for any marketer, especially for our friends in the talent acquisition space who are always on the hunt for new tips and tricks to attract talented candidates to their employment offerings. If used strategically and creatively, video can be an impactful, engaging tool with the power to elevate your brand and generate a level of visibility you’d find difficult to attain via other means.

But what’s not being mentioned is the fact many marketers aren’t equipped with the skills to leverage live video — effectively — for one simple reason: a fear of public speaking. How can you reasonably expect someone tasked with the responsibility of implementing an innovative live video marketing campaign to be successful if they have an innate fear of being in front of the camera? It’s not going to happen!


This isn’t to say marketers can’t get to a point where their Periscope videos, Facebook LIVE broadcasts or Snapchat sessions are compelling and innovative. But to say the live-streaming video bandwagon is here and you better hop aboard (or else) will eventually lead to unrealistic expectations, both from their target audience and their internal stakeholders who signed off on the idea in the first place.

Your best bet is to align with an organization to help:

  • Identify who in your company can best carry out your live video initiatives (i.e. be the “face” of your video content)
  • Shape their persona and the stories you want your ambassador/s to share
  • Develop a curriculum you can leverage internally to identify and develop other video storytellers

The alternative is to start using live video tools simply because everyone else appears to be doing it; that doesn’t make much sense, does it? Move forward with a plan of action, first, so that when the time comes to begin live-streaming, you’re generating value for your organization and your target audience from the get-go.

If video live-streaming is on your organization’s radar, scroll to the bottom of this page to contact us and get the conversation started!







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