The World is Small; Treat Exiting Employees with Respect.

By on July 12, 2014

No, there isn’t a spelling mistake in the title, it does say exiting and not existing. Often times the way employers treat exiting employees is overlooked or can even be negative. Employers have to think about the big picture and how their treatment of an employee who is leaving might impact their business in the long run.  This will become increasingly important as the number of millennials entering the workforce rises because the average tenure of this group is less than three years.

With competition for top talent heating up it is more common for employers to recruit ex-employees. Treating exiting employees well leaves the door open for re-recruiting them when future job opportunities become available. As noted in a previous blog post on boomerang hires there are many benefits of rehiring former employees. Even if an ex-employee is happy in their current position, they might be able to make a great referral because they likely have a network of people in the same field.

Platforms like Glassdoor and LinkedIn make it possible for former employees to either help or hinder employers recruiting efforts.  A recent survey conducted by Erin Osterhaus of recruiting software reviews website, revealed that 48% of the 4,633 survey respondents use Glassdoor when job hunting. That means people are checking reviews and this could have an impact on a candidate’s decision to apply for a job at your company.

Most importantly, if an ex-employee is an advocate of their former company they might open the door for new business opportunities. Having advocates like these can be powerful and can have a direct impact on your bottom line.

So as the title says, the world is small and each employee who leaves can either be an advocate or an opponent, make it the former.

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