Unique Promo Item Ideas for 2020

By on December 9, 2019

Legend has it that you are never more than 20 feet from a promotional pen at any given time. Okay, we may have made that up, but doesn’t it feel true? Promotional items have long been used in the recruitment marketing industry as a way to grab candidates’ attention, but the same promotional items are often used over and over again (it really is possible for a person to have too many pens). To combat this, we’ve brainstormed some unique promo item ideas to help you capture candidates and keep them engaged with your brand:

  • Umbrella: An umbrella is a higher-quality item that prevents weather exposure while providing brand exposure.
  • Pocket-lint stick: This is a great giveaway for users to keep in their purse or backpack, and is more interesting than other pocket-sized giveaways.
  • Bottleband: A bottle band is a rubber handle that attaches to water bottles, allowing the user to easily carry them. This reusable item will be a hit with active candidates.
  • Wireless charger: As more smartphones become capable of wireless charging, a wireless charger provides a modern update to the standard phone charger giveaway.
  • Luggage spotter: This giveaway (a branded handle cover for suitcase) is especially relevant if your company has offices in multiple locations, or offers traveling roles.
  • Folding water bottle: Water bottles are a standard giveaway item, but water bottles that fold add a unique element. These are convenient for travel and are eco-friendly as well.
  • Color changing cups: Cups that change color with temperature add a fun twist to the standard cup giveaway.
  • Reusable straws: Branded reusable straws are a great way to stand out and show commitment to being green.
  • Silicone plastic bags: Another eco-friendly promotional idea is branded silicone plastic bags, which take the place of standard Ziploc bags and can be used repeatedly.
  • Tide to-go pen: This is another great pocket-sized brandable item that candidates can carry with them.
  • Branded M&Ms/cookies: While short-lived in lifespan, edible giveaways are long-lived in memory and deliciousness.
  • Miniature tool or sewing kit: A miniature screwdriver kit is a handy way for candidates to use your promo item again and you’ll never know when you’ll need a needle and thread.
  • Hat: T-shirts are a common giveaway, but a hat is a different way to dress candidates in your gear.
  • Band-aids: Branded band-aids are a unique way to have your candidates keep you in mind.
  • Reusable shopping bag: As more shopping locations adopt reusable bags, adopt the trend and supply your own.
  • Sleeping masks: Help your candidates get some shut-eye with branded sleeping masks. Maybe they’ll even have sweet dreams about your company.
  • Fish-eye lens: A fisheye lens that attaches to a phone is a unique promo item that will capture your candidates’ attention (pun intended).
  • Tissue pack: A tissue pack will have your candidates thanking you every time they say “achoo.”
  • Towel that folds into a bag: Towels that fold into bags are multi-purpose, so your candidates really get two cool giveaways in one.
  • Ice scraper: If you’re in a cold location, an ice scraper is a unique gift that candidates will be glad they have on hand.

These unique promotional item ideas are sure to be a hit with your candidates. If you’re interested in purchasing promotional items to support recruiting efforts for your company, reach out to me at liz.white@ckrinteractive.com


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