Who Doesn’t Love a (Personal Brand) Makeover? Part II

By on July 10, 2017

In Part I of this blog we discussed the power of a personal brand makeover. Hopefully by now, you’ve spent some time thinking about your personal brand and reviewing your presence on social media. Now what?

A good first step might be thinking about your personal brand’s value. Maybe it’s like the (in)famous Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO, quote: “Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.” So let’s imagine that you’re a fly on the wall hearing the nice things your colleagues and managers are saying about you, and use that as a springboard to build a more authentic and tightly defined personal brand.

William Arruda, a personal branding expert, points out that “people with strong personal brands get noticed because they share their passion for what they do in a way that is relevant to the people they want to serve.” What’s your purpose? Your strengths, expertise and experience?

A great way to strategically accomplish this is by doing a “personal brand inventory.” Some of the questions you’ll want to ask yourself include:

● What are my top three core strengths?
● What are my top five accomplishments in the last three years?
● What groups and associations can help me further my brand?
● What can I do today that will raise my personal brand profile?

Carla Deter, in a blog titled “Have you HUGGED your professional brand lately?” suggests placing a notepad in your desk drawer and pulling it out every time you recall or complete a huge project. She also calls online branding “your digital tattoo.” As you complete the inventory, think about how you’ll use social media tools like LinkedIn to promote your personal brand to your professional network.

Start today and develop your personal brand game plan and capitalize on the opportunities that showcase and maximize your strengths. For a complimentary copy of our Personal Branding Inventory and Best Practices Checklist, please contact me at laurie.severino@ckrinteractive.com.

One comment on “Who Doesn’t Love a (Personal Brand) Makeover? Part II

  1. Carla Deter on said:

    Thank you for the mention! Honored to be quoted alongside William Arruda and Jeff Bezos. – Carla Deter

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